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Welcome to King's Pastry

Having experienced tremendous growth in the past two decades, King’s Pastry recently relocated to a brand new state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Mississauga, occupying over 120,000 square foot.

Our manufacturing plant features the market’s most advanced machineries including several custom-designed robots, the super silo system and the cyclo-thermic tunnel ovens that were purchased from reputable automated equipment manufacturers in Europe.


About King’s Pastry

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, King’s Pastry is a proud Canadian leading manufacturer of cakes, pastries, and other various desserts. Founded in 1996, through our expertise, innovation and passion, we have grown from a small bakery factory to a state-of-the-art facility occupying over 120,000 square feet. The presence of King’s Pastry has greatly impacted the need of consumers for cakes and pastries. We have established an extensive network of national foodservice distributors throughout North America. These valuable customers partner up with us in order to offer a complete dessert menu to restaurants. Our presence in the retail sector has also grown at a rapid rate, with our products being offered to most major retail chains in North America. At King’s Pastry, we see our customers’ success as our success.

Without ever falling behind, we continuously stay ahead of our competition by utilizing top of the line technologies. Our highly efficient automated processes not only establish remarkable consistency and value, but they also guarantee freshness, exceptional tastes, as well as the highest standards of product hygiene. King’s Pastry continues to offer top quality and innovative bakery and desserts items, with tremendous capacity to serve clients in a wide range of international markets. Our product line continues to evolve and grow, reflecting our strong reputation for quality, reliability and value.


Quality Assurance

At King’s Pastry, we place food safety as one of our top priorities. To ensure our customers’ success, our Quality Assurance department is constantly keeping our materials, work procedures and products in monitoring. We work hard to achieve our annual renewal of the SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification. The SQF program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as a globally recognized food safety and quality certification program based on sound scientific principles (HACCP), valued by all large-scale foodservice and retailer clients. We are also compliant with FDA’s and CFIA’s regulations. Our persistent dedication towards higher food safety and quality will never cease. We ensure that King’s Pastry’s logo will always be a trusted icon.



Staying on top of technologies has been a key to King’s Pastry’s success. We maximize values for our customers in any way we can. From mixing to baking, decorating to packaging, warehousing to shipping, we employ the most advanced machineries wherever possible. Our advancement in technology not only lowers our customers’ costs considerably, it also ensures quality and consistency.


Cyclo-Thermic Tunnel Oven

We have imported two tunnel ovens from Europe, known to be some of the most advanced ovens in the industry due to the technology and capacity. They are catered to producing pastries and cakes respectively. Each tunnel oven system, from the starting segment (flour-mixer) to the final portion (finished products) spans approximately 450 feet. The maximum production capacity of each tunnel oven system is 140 truck-trailer loads per month, equivalent to 630,000 trays of products.


Silo System

The Silo System is comprised of five advanced sub-systems, three of which handle three types of flour, and the other two handle sugar. All of our cake mixes and gelatin dessert mixes are produced from scratch with this silo system. The maximum production capacity for dry-mix items is 100 truck-trailer loads per month, or 2,000 tons.


Puff Pick-Up Robot

This robot is comprised of 4 robotic arms that efficiently pick up freshly baked puffs or eclairs and deposit them into their corresponding packaging. The speed of the arms is equivalent to 10 full-time packaging staff. This robot enables us to respond to our massive demands for puffs and eclairs.


Computerized Chocolate Decorating Robot

This robot is used to decorate the surface of our mini cakes with chocolate patterns. The 126-nozzle depositor is connected to a touch-screen computer capable of handling up to 1,000 different hand-drawn patterns. These custom- made patterns are then drawn onto each of our mini cakes at the speed of 126 pieces decorated in only 5 seconds.


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